Integrated Server Eco-System

Great servers, plus all the infrastructure and software you need to support and manage them.

Supreme Build Quality

UCS servers use only top-shelf components & highest standards of build quality to give you unmatched reliability.

Performance, Density and Efficiency

Per unit of data-centre space, UCS servers offer the best combination of performance density & energy efficiency.
  • All servers include IMC (integrated management controller).
  • IMC allows network-based provisioning, management & monitoring.
  • IMC capable of integration with a huge range of management tools.
  • Support for both physical and virtual applications in the same environment.
  • Focus on high-performance for maximum VMs per server.
  • Based on Intel Xeon E5 & E7 CPUs, with 2 and 4 socket options.
  • Connectivity via VICs (virtual interface cards)
  • VICs extend fabric directly to servers (unified LAN, SAN & management).
  • VICs support fabric failover for high-availability.
  • Service-profile template based provisioning simplifies commissioning.
  • UCS C200 & C400 Series, standard rack-mount servers, in 1U, 2U & 4U sizes.
  • UCS C3000 Series, high storage density rack-mount servers (to 360TB).
  • UCS B Series, half-width & full-width blade servers (up to 3TB RAM).
  • UCS 5100 Series, chassis for B Series blades.
  • UCS Fabric Interconnect, single-wire interface (SAN, LAN & management).
  • UCS VICs, virtual interface cards for fabric connection.
  • Cisco R Series, racks for housing your UCS kit.
  • Cisco RP Series, power distribution units.
  • Cisco UCS Mini, complete UCS solution for small business.
  • UCS Manager, single interface for managing both blade & rack servers.
  • UCS Central, central management for distributed UCS deployments.
  • UCS Director, create automated workflows for provisioning.
  • UCS Performance Manager, centralised performance monitoring.
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